Monday, March 17, 2008

His first movie production casting!

Yes.. i am casted for Menipulate : The movie! it's an indi-movie. Honestly, i'm both excited and scared at the same time coz i've never experienced a real movie production before. I was surprised to get an SMS from the director, inviting the cast to a cast/crew pre-production BBQ party this saturday. Not sure on which role yet, the Director oh-so conveniently keep it secret until the cast/crew party.
The audition was great. But some of us were told to "tone it down a bit", and be less "Theatrical". Haha.. Nampak sangat, all from theatre background. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tuuu jugak.. Mesti a friend of a friend.. or a friend of my sisters.. haih.. such a small community.

Anyways.. shooting starts next week.. wish me luck!

er.. how'd they say "break a leg" in a movie production?