Sunday, March 23, 2008

His "Menipulate" Auditions

Video of auditions, uploaded on youtube.

And i just realized why i was so nervous..: it's cause that this is the first production of which i am selected thourgh audition.. and not on a "eyh.. tak ada org la.. mintak tolong boleh?" - basis.

Target release for this movie is January 2009. Shooting starts in 2 weeks. Need to memorize the script!

Wish me luck!


Tuan Faisal Azmy Tuan Kob a.k.a Tapai said...


bigg said...

good thing you have a lot of things planned. memang hero ah :) tapi dalam 2, 3 tahun sekali, datang la lepak equine. aahhh. tensennye. ym ngan ko pon tak sempat2

vash(^_^) said...

wooa. so these are the famous casts. goodluck =)