Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Laskar Pelangi & Sang Pemimpi

2 Awesome Indonesian movies. Script, check!. Acting, Check!, Technique, Check!.

Both movies are adapations of Andrea Hirata's first 2 Novels of the series of 4. The formula works because the viewers are able to empathize with the characters. The direction of the story focuses on hope, instead of most movies which tend to 'milk' the sadness, or Derita Sengsara.

As humans, we empathize more to people who are being strong against hardships, or at least try to be strong. Because we look up to this people and we tend to look at ourselves and realize how relatively easy things are for us.

We need more movies like this.

Unfortunately, can't find DVD copies around in KL. Had to ask a friend to ask his friend in Indonesia to buy and post. If any of you find it. Do let me know.



LiTtLe^m3 said...

abg tapai, baiti ada cd sang pemimpi tu.. kalau nak pinjam copy boleh aje :)

Tuan "Tapai" Faisal said...

Hehe, Takpe, tengah tunggu kawan anyways. Laskar Pelangi dah tengok?

LiTtLe^m3 said...

of course tgk laskar pelangi dulu then tgk sang pemimpi :) dvd all the way from Jakarta.