Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SKSJ Alumni Dinner 2011

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Looking forward to our first ever alumni dinner, which will be held this Friday, in the Multi Purpose Hall,that i remember vaguely from 1991, help find funding. We were given cards and were asked to ask for donations from relatives and families. It would be great to see how our hard earned effort turned out.

Those were the days.

Also hope to see long lost friends. Having attended boarding school, i have lost contact with most of my friends in primary school. I remember vaguely copying homework from this guy who sat next to me in standard 5. 5 Cempaka. I used to wake up really early, and after Subuh, right away cycled to school. Umi thought i was hard working. Little did she know that i was rushing so that i can finish copying homework from my deskmate. tsk tsk.

I remember going to Pawagam P. Ramlee, where Asia Cafe opposite INTI college is now. Tickets were RM 3 per movie. That was where we went on dates. Well,  saying WE, is an overstatement. Mostly the jocks. Soccer stars like Azlan & Wong Yat Hong would definitely get girls to go out for a movie. I was always the senyap type. Well, in a way, still am. Deep thinker la konon. 

Azlin Nor 'Ain messaged me on FB today asking if i am going to the alumni dinner. She remarked that she was surprised to know that i am an actor now, since i was so pendiam in school. I told her that I still am pendiam. I can only talk on stage, or on screen.

Senyap senyap pon, i still remember finding my first surat cinta under my desk during kelas agama. That was cute.

I still remember being publicly canned. That was less cute.

But still, I hope to get to remember a lot this friday.

Ilmu Suluh Hidup.

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afi said...

aku paling tak tahan baca poin 3. haha. pai2.