Sunday, November 27, 2011

Playground Weekend

It has been a very full weekend, for Playground especially.

Chi Ho performed on at Tapis Rouge to plug our Comedy Tuesday Show. It is to give a taste of what "The Playground!" will be like on on Dec 6th and 20th at Tapis Rouge. Chi Ho previewed our show on Friday and Saturday during the Kit Kat Club Show. I went on Saturday and he was marvellous. Megat went on Friday to check his performance out. Heard good reviews from the organisers as well. so.. yes, safe to say that there is a heightened expectation of what "The Playground!" Comedy Tuesday show would be. Which is great! :)

Busy weekend for Projek Disko Baldi as well. We had our photoshoot for our upcoming PDB - Love show in February. Tuan Nini, my sister, helped us out on the artistic side. The outcome is psychedelic!.

Today, we just completed a shoot for 4 of our scripts. This is for our PDB youtube channel. Which will be updated soon. It was great fun. Everyone was laughing most of the time. Syed Azahedi did a great job at capturing moments on the scripts. Can't wait for the videos to be ready so that we can share our fun. :)

All this, while preparing for a workshop by David Lim, which starts on Tuesday. Am getting more people to join. Which is great. All are very enthusiastic and can't wait to start. 

On the same day, we have a private script reading to process a script by Alfian Saat. That is going to be cool as well. 

On Thursday, we have a corporate event in KL. This is our second official corporate event and Playground will be working with Dewangga Sakti for the performance. 

It's a busy month for Playground. But an exciting kind of busy. You don't really feel it when you are around awesome people.


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