Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ramleefestasi @ Stor DBP

Went to Stor DBP yesterday to catch Ramleefestasi by the Revolution Stage. it is a tribute show to the great works of Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

It was performed by mostly first timers. It was enjoyable to see them having fun and this led to them being able to show their potential. And some of them really do have it. The directors/artistic director did a good job at optimizing the talents. Those who sang well were featured more in the singing parts and those who could act had more acting roles. It was smart in that sense.

Having said that, what could be further improved (if they decide to restage), is that the performance can have a better flow. This is what most deviced plays suffer, when trying to combine a few segments together.

Also, i'd like to see them challenge themselves more by being more experimental (without butchering) P. Ramlee's words and make it their own interpretation. It would be great to see more creativity (of which i believe they potentially have). The same script could be performed in a different setting, be it era or space.

Beto's performance was as expected. Talented as usual. It was funny when he said "I Love You" and some of the girls in the audience squealed. Heheh.

And it's good to know that Crissie has been bitten by the theatre bug. Like most of the MyHarapan talent, this is also her first time on stage and she did really well.We were chatting about the differences between screen and stage acting and how on stage, we are free to move and also do not have to be worried about contis and type of shot taken. Freedom!

We are definitely going to see more of her on stage. :)

I am hoping to see more of their work. It is is good to see new talents emerging in the theatre scene. Hope we all can grow together.

They have 2 more shows today. 3 pm and 830pm. Stor DBP

So go catch them.




salam saudara tapai faisal :)

saya berminat untuk berkongsi review filem ini. Mohon perkongsian idea dan diskusi bersama daripada saudara. Harap dapat belajar satu sisi fikiran penonton filem ini juga. terima kasih

salam takzim

Tuan "Tapai" Faisal said...

Salam Zharif.

Thanks for the comment. Boleh saja. :)