Friday, December 14, 2012

Observations on Casting

Just concluded a 3-day casting session for our feature. Now i know how it feels being on the other side of the camera/table.

It was interesting to have met so many different types of people from different backgrounds who came for the casting session. Some were from ASWARA, and some came from as far as Johor to audition. Some who were really raw and has no idea on acting, and some were more experienced and have had some form of formal training.

I find that one of the most important thing in casting, is to just commit to whatever is instructed. This is assuming that you really listen well to the instructions. Also, it is also good to research the previous works of the production house to see what kind of acting style they prefer. Do they prefer a more natural approach? or the more "buat-buat" acting approach.

Another observation is that theatre actors may have better improvisational skills. However, they may need to tone down their acting, and really focus on the action given and to avoid theatrical acting. After all, the studio is quite small. 

Somehow, raw talents who have not had any formal training are more easy to direct. This may be because, (unlike those who may have had formal training, or may have acted before,) they do not have to 'unlearn'  their acting style to suite what is required.

Did i mention to LISTEN? yes, the most important thing is to listen to the instructions given, and also, if required to communicate in a given scene, listen, digest, and react accordingly. If you are busy thinking about what to do or say next, chances are you are not listening outwards. You may miss some moments where magic can happen.

But all in all, it was still a relatively good turn out, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Can't wait for our callbacks next week where we have a workshop. More improv!



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