Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Introduction to Film - David Thornburn


Film as a Product of mass production is one of the frameworks to further understand film. The same principals apply to the factory production of cars where you can break the processes further into smaller and more manageable processes so that it can be replicated over and over again.

The interesting thing is that the terms used to describing the process has not changed much. The main breakdown is still Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Terms such as exhibitors, to me is very nostalgic, since you can imagine, during pre-TV times, the approach to showing movies is the same as showing artifacts in a museum. This relates to how movies back then were an item of novelty. 

Another interesting fact is that movies started as and obsession to capture movements, hence the term "MOVies". The term is lost to us now, but back then, it was all about moving pictures. Now, personally, i think that it has evolved from moving pictures, to moving narratives, where the audience would want to follow a journey of a (group of) character(s). There is also a place for something that it is in between, where you line-up gags and slapstick jokes (remember movies like kindergarten cop?). I think this is where most Malaysian movies are. Nothing wrong with that, but i think we should progress even further and start focusing on narratives.

Now to research on how television affected the movies.


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