Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm backkk!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah semua,
Sejak ana balik dari Umrah. Ana rasa ana sudah banyak berubah. Banyak yang telah dipelajari dan banyak pengalaman yang telah dapat di timba. Ana harap kawan kawan dapat ambil iktibar dari pengalaman ana di Madinah & Mekah.

Eh.. logik ke?

Nottt!! Silap tu..

Yo wassapp yoooooooo!! tapai in da haussss!

hehhee... No worries.. i'm da same ol tapai. Keyword.. 'old'. Who's getting older by the day (3 more days to be exact). Hint ni... kalau tak paham jugak.

21 st June each year. Ring Any bells? Yep.. tu bapak ayil nyer besday. Happy besday Uncle Damanhuri!.

Ring any other bells? Haha.. nvmd.

Anyways, my apologies for not updating this blog for quite sum time. Things have been quite hectic after i touched down in Malaysia. Imagine, i received a phone call from work immediately when i switched on the handphone at the airport, while i was waiting for my luggage!.

Things were very interesting in Mekah (Mecca) and Madinah (El-Medina). Everything went well. For the gejillionth time.. nothing strange happened there. No Kaabah disappearance, no man with no face. The strangest thing would be the lost of slipper. That ain't too strange ain't it?
I have to say this coz most people would ask this same q everytime they ask about my experience there.

If you ask me, i could not describe my experience there. I could just say that it is a magical eye-opener experience where you learn your origin. I can only say that you should try for yourself. I can only say that sugar is sweet, but i cannot describe what 'sweet' is. You hv to try for yourself.

I bet Hj Khairil and Hajjah Asiyah can testify to this.

I would really love to post pictures, but i haven't upload them yet. need to find installer cd for my pda. I lost mine along with my laptop, but luckily my father uses the same pda phone. but somehow is cd is also misplaced.

Nanti la.. you people can see me botak.. botak licin!. Haha.. it was atrange sensation, that one. It was hard to pull off my shirt because it would get stuck to my velcro-turned hair. I bet that was how they got the idea to invent velcro. (Not!.. it was actually 'pokok kemuncup')

And what of my plan to go to UK? well, after a long wait, at last, i received my offer letter, on which i replied to immediately. I'm really concerned because i'm left with less than 2 months till middle of august where i plan to go to Manchester.

Now.. i'm left with application of visa, finding a home, and getting a temporary work there.

Ganbatte ne!

And oh.

Go Brazil! England Sucks!

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