Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Angin jahat

Jahat betul la angin dalam perut nieh. Kalau makan dia tendang tendang.. kalau tak makan, perut pulak yg dia makan. Gastrik ni la dia.. nak kena buat sumthing nieh.. kasik buang angin jahat nieh..

Tahan.. tahan.. :) sampai tangkap kepala pun tahan.. ;)

Anyways, semalam reapplied informally for study leave. If everything goes well, Aug 06 ni start cuti. I realized this means i'm left with 42 days to go before i leave my unit. I really hope that i can come back to the same place after my postgraduate program, but it would be unfair for my boss to deny other people in the company of the post just because of me. Some more if the applicant is muh much better. Furthermore, if job load continues to increase, than definitely they will need somebody to man the post.

I have really learnt a lot while serving in this unit. And i owe a lot to lots of people, whom i dare not list because i dare not miss out any single one. But i do know that i am really in debt with my boss, my colleagues, and my staffs, for if it not for them, i wouldn't be where i am rite now.

A million thanx. (ye.. ye... tak main thanx jek.. kene belanja piza.. aku tahuuu)

Good luck En Rafiz and Chot, thanx for your guidance
Good luck Erly (esp ko la erly, ganti aku), Iqbal, Asyie, thanx for your company,
Good luck to all staffs, you were my teacher all this while.

Good Luck.. Good luck.. i wish u good luckkkkk!! (Gaya Phoebe in 'Friends')

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