Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Arghh... siapa ada pakai O2? Nak pinjam CD buleyh? CD dulu hilang bersama laptop.. My dad's CD pon missing somewhere in the house. I need to upload pictures! Needd.... toooo... uppp loaaadd.. picturesss..

Anyways, things are now quite slow in the office, Trouble Reports are much less (In my place that is). Maybe everybody else is filtering the reports kaw-kaw! Cayalah. But there are other "extra-curricular" stuffs that I am assigned to do.. so job load is still the same (though not exactly KPI related).

One thing that i was assigned to do is a poster. Well, u just know that when you ask an engineer to do design, everything will turn out symmetrical and the colour would be boring. Argh.. no wonder my sense of dressing teruk. Colour matching Kantoi! (Sedar pon diri kan?). Furthermore, a simple thing that would take me (Photoshop illiterate) 5 hours would only cost Nini (Photoshop literate) 5 minutes! Sakit hatiii.. hahaha..

I would not dare to post the outcome here.. damn buruk weeyh!

Btw, Nini introduced me to her friend's blog, Ismail.

Go ahead, have a click. I just like the way he sees things and put it on paper. Reminds me of Rodek (somewhat).

K.. Cha chas!

P/s: Ismail, if you are reading this, 1 redirect from this blog would cost you 25 Liras. (Betul ke currency Romania ni?)


hippobutt said...

why thank you for the redirection... actually the currency is lei's. well anyways, much appreciation for the redicretion! THANKS LOADS!

rumet said...

apsal ko redirect ke blog Ismail ni Tapai? ko ade ape2 ke ngan die?

ayil said...

ceng jeles kang..

fadh said...

uiiii~ u promote ismail's blog.. never promote my blog oshooo~~ waii waiiii

eh, btw, who do you think out of 3 of us will marry first/ move out of the subang home first ar? =D