Saturday, September 16, 2006

1st week of Manchester

1st week of Manchester

What can i say, it has been exciting!

ALhamdulillah, the Malaysia-SIngpapore-Manchester trip went well. No air pockets in between, no customs issues, and no lost baggage in between. Everything went smoothly.

When i reached the airport, it was 630 in the morning, 20 minutes earlier than expected. I met Jeff, a taiwanese who will be doing his phd. I also met up with a mother-son combo. Mrs Kim and Andy. They are a friendly bunch. The international society was very helpful. They picked us up and send us straight to home. The weather was surprisingly beautiful, said the working staff. Usually it would be around 13 degrees, but the day we arrived, it was 22 degress. Beautiful weather!

I adjusted quite quickly, thanx to my housemates, my junior (Tambun) and a few Mcot juniors. Khairul is still here, and i am using his PC. I will be replacing his spot in this house. He is doing a few jobs around and we share this room a little. But i get the bed. :). My other housemates:

Syed - Doing his ACCA and also driving licence. ALready have a work permit and works as a stadium steward in the Old Trafford Centre.

Din - The one that introduced me to this house. He is doing his undergrad in Aerospace Engineering. Currently working in a cinema and gets 12 tickets for free (monthly?.. weekly? not sure)

Will and Kumar - Both are now working in a shipping business. Don't see them a lot. They are very busy because now is the peak season for shipping. I'm not really sure what that means but it sure means that money is coming in. :)

Khairul - currently my roommate. He is also working in a shipping company. But latest news is that he will be going to Birmingham to work in a farm. He wil be staying in a caravan for 3 weeks. Kewl.

MCOT actually stand for Malaysian Community of Old Trafford. As the name implies.. it's for Malaysians in Old Trafford, but somehow, since the community is active, the university decided to have them help out to welcome ALL the students from Malaysia, living ALL around Manchester. They are a very helpful bunch. One of them is my junior back in SDAR. A few of his housemates brought me to town centre to buy a few essentials.

You guys know what a Duvet is? being a kampung guy, i did not. Well, it's like a comforter, but u buy the cover and the inside of the comforter separately. Kewl huh. SO that u are not stuck with one design of comforter. You can change the cover as you please.

Another amazing fact is that i can now call home or any other landline (we call it fixed line in Malaysia) for free using a VOIP service. A bit of lagging, but negligible. It actually depends on the local access quality back in Malaysia because data is very noise sensitive. Oh well, as long as i can call home without any noise, it is ok.

And oh, not to mention the PC-PC call. Marvellous. Had a few initial problems to contact Sabrina on the VOIP service. But turns out, her sound card might be at fault. Tried using Mazlin's PC. It was just fine. Talked for hours! Thanx Mazlin! Jangan Jeles kay! CInta Antara Benua. Ahaha.

Elin.. Nini.. install la skype. We can do PC-PC call later on.

All in all, it has been an exciting and fruitful week. More on the next post!



myjulieyana said...

heh, seems u r doing just fine over there.. my sis kata manchester murah amat semua benda.. she's in soton..

well, have fun dude.. duvet dah beli ker?? apsal semua org pegi uk wondering duvet tuh ape?? hehehe..

niniez said...

Dear adik..
wa.. dah gi manchester tak bitau akak pung.. anyway.. wish you all the best kat sana.. semoga dpt ape yg nak.. duniawi wa ukhrawi..