Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Talladega Nights

Guess what activity is best done during ramadhan? ........ watching Talladega Nights with housemate! (mampuih la sesat korang kalau ikut ajaran aku).

Went to Odeon at Trafford Centre. It's one of the biggest cineplex around with 20 cinemas in it. This is the 2nd time i went to the Traford centre.. me-thinks. Last time i went was 1 year ago, but it did not register in my head that the place is called Trafford Centre. And at that time, the place seem so far away!

Decided to go to the movie because Din has got a few free movie tickets left for this month. He needs to finish it by the end of this month, so i volunteered to help him finish them up. :D. Sorry ya Dini! Culik ur boyfriend. Haha.

The movie was one of those stupid but entertaining movies. I know for sure that this is not a movie qz would enjoy, because it will insult her intelligence. :). But for rumet.. ok la.. i guess. Ahaha. The plot was simple, but i don't want to ruin it by telling any of u peeps. Will Ferrel and Adam McKay did good. They wrote the script and even produced it. Kewl.

It was already 545 when we got home. Decided to TRY to cook again, this time, ayam sweet sour. Alhamdulillah, this time, at least, it tasted nice, although it turned out to be Ayam Masak Merah! aahha.. Whatever. I surprise myself.

How do you cook ayam sweet sour? and i still wonder, how do you make the chicken look darker? humm?? humm?? Oh well, my motto for cooking now is 'janji boleh makan'. SO dear housemates, u guys with have to bear with my cooking. Either that, or we go buka puasa Mcdougalls everyday.. Nasi Briyani Kambing!



dini said...

no problemo. thanks for 'taking him out'. LOL. poor thing only goes for work and classes now. well, i'm sure you guys can entertain each other (hmm... that sounds kinda dodgy doesn't it?) ;p

Anonymous said...

hii dear...selamat berpuasa..jgn down sgt k..nnt tahun depan kita bukak puasa sama-sama yeh..bubyeee

ragsy937 said...

ok Sabrina.. nanti kita buka sama..:) Selamat puasa gak

Anonymous said...

oiitttt gi letak nama buat ape...tgk saham i dah jatuh..ahaha :p

ragsy937 said...

Ada saham ke sebelum ni? ahahhaa... nasib baik i hensem.. haha.. baru saham u naik

Anonymous said...

buekkkkkkkkk muntah darah trus laaa..hensem konon... :p

rumet said...

hahahha... awek ko sendiri tak ngaku ko hensem pai.. hahhahahha

kiyaa said...

oi lovebirds, nak mengade ngade pi ym laaaaaa

lol XD
i still cant believe u cook. @_@

fadh said...


and nini, u just the same la.. yeish... -_-;;