Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Half of second week

Let's see.. what have i done so far..:

a) Crashed a party - It has been welcoming parties galore here in Manchester. Most of them held in The University halls. But i just went this one time and crashed it anyways. Coz they don't really check whether you are a resident. Free Booze and everything. I got to play pool with south africans, pakistanis, and also china. Won a few, lost a few. But i won all singles games! Hahah. I am now international. Ho yeah! Looking forward to crash more parties! :)

b) Settled registration - it has been a daunting task for some. But alhamdulillah for me, everything went well. The university has introduced this online system thingee starting this year where you have to do your academic and financial registration online. I managed to get my swipe card/Student ID earlier tha most people coz i managed to settle evrything online. It's a pity for some because they could not even log in to their online accounts and was asked to go around campus to sort out their problems. ANyways.. now i have a swipe card! yeay!

c) Went through Orientation - The orientation sessions were very informative. I've had a chance to meet new friends. Left to Right in the pic:

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Aliff - Undergrad in Aerospace

Syed - Postgrad in Project Management. Worked with a chinese construction company for the past 2-3 years. Was stationed in Sarawak.


Kalai - Lecturer in Uniersiti Teknologi Petronas. Doing Postgrad as well.

Roy - Post grad in Information Systems. Born in Medan, Indonesia. Undergrad in National University of Singapore in IT.

Yow - Phd Student in Physics. Did his undergrad here in Manchester. Already 6 years in Manchester and he really loves walking. :)

I have met more friends around campus and the group has grown. There's Janet, Edmund, Adrian, Devian, and more. I'll describe more about them when we get some pics taken.

d) Still waiting to open up an HSBC account - Apparently we have to do it online firt and wait for them to post over the documents. Am still waiting.. Yeesh. Natwest is a more student-friendly bank, but some sources say that their internet banking sucks. Everything here is online here in manchester.. from buying a bus pass, renting dvds, getting a cinema ticket, choosing a phone contract, up to buying theatre ticket, u name it. They even give special rates for online customers, so it's not worth the trip to their offices/shops. SO i need to have a goog internet banking support. It's still HSBC for me!

e) Checked out Careers Service - The unversity has its own careers service. Its a dedicated unit to help out students to get their part time and full time jobs. If some of you are interested, they also have limited access for non students. Just check out this their site.

They have documentation on how to write CVs, cover letters, and also a link to another kewl website which help you identify your motivationa and skills, and suit it to the most appropriate job for you. Kewl huh? Just go and have a look if u r interested.

f) Malaysian Society Welcoming Gathering - Free pizzas! Free Diet Cokes! and they are from Pizza co! :). The best pizza.. coz it's free! Haha. Anyways, they organized this session to help out Malaysian students in Manchester to get themselves set up. Q's like the how to get a bus pass?, which phone contract is the best?, where to get halal food?, what if you want to travel across europe? and all sorts of Q's have been answered best to their own experience.

If any of you want to travel across europe, Check out this KelanaConvoy site. It's a Malaysian Company and they organze trips across Europe. Mind you, the price is in Pounds and it does not include the trip from Malaysia (if you are in Malaysia). However, one of the Malaysian Soc. committees is working with this travel agency and she said that it's the most family and muslim friendly travel agency. They will really take care of you. Btw, Thanx Jun! for the info!

And oh, we are going to Cheshire Oaks this Saturday. I personally what to get some winter clothing. Cheshire Oaks is a huge Factory Outlet where they have all sorts of branded stuff! SHopping!! SHopping!! Example.. you can get Clarks shoe for 30-40 pounds.. and it's buy 1 free 1!


Btw, people know me now as Abg Fadh! Apparently everybody knows Elin here. Ahaha.. Nini.. i now know how you feel when u went to MMU and people start calling you 'Adik Tapai'. Ahaha.

[To Elin : I already met Lucas. Great guy. He even promised to hook me up with his basketball friends. :p Need to exerciseee... meeyorrhh. meyorrhhh.]

Pheww! quite a week huh? there are lots more things that i could write on, but maybe insignificant for you. (ALthough most of the info on top is irrelevant.. sorry..:))

And oh, Managed to get Sabrina on YM Messenger Pc-PC call. The line was damn clear. Talked for more than an hour! ahaha. I'm Lucky that it's free! :P (Another irrelevant info for you, i guess..:P)

Whoa.. Loads more to come.. I love Manchester! (Although Man U Kalah 1-0 ngan Arsenal.. ahahah)



Fadh's friend said...

I love Manchester too............ And i miss it. Enjoy it while u're there! =)

-Dini (Fadh's friend. & former housemate. tee hee)

ragsy937 said...

Hehe.. Thanx Dini. Dun't wurry, Din in in safe hands..:))

i remain anon said...

i think its a common activity for org2 yg baru study uk confirm keje nak pi partayy jekkk hehehehhe
and u one of em ek.. okelah tuh.. dr kat sini taknah gih party2 luar biasa.. sane buat laa sesuka ati.. tp jgn sampai sleweng dah

robotix said...

those must've been parties for gays..

Anonymous said...

robotix: duhhh what else?

rumet said...

konfirm party gay tu konfirm!!

oi bile nak organize bukak pose kat chicken hertz ni??