Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Post

Umi said,"Walaupun esok kiamat, dan ada benih di tangan, maka tanamlah benih tu"

Now i know where i got my public speaking skills (if any) from.

Well, i haven't been blogging lately, neither reading nor posting, as u may have noticed. Maybe i am just saving all the ideas and will update once i get to Manchester.

Yes, i am still going to Manchester, and the flight is still this sunday, 2145 Hrs.

Nini is already in Romania. Good luck to her. Are u online dear? How was the trip? How are things in Romania? Update la ur blog... (look who's talking).

A few of Nini's friends came to KLIA to send her off. 5 of them. Lina, Jared, Pravin, An, and Victor. AHha.. sure tak sangka i memorized all of ur friends' name do yah. They gave Nini a going away gift, some sort of sunflower doll. or sumthing. I don't know what it's called. But it was nice of them.

Things were not as emotional as expected. Umi and Papa were stable. Only Lina was Teary-eyed. She was biting Nini at any given chance. Unique.. how she shows here love :).

Myself? well, i was stable as well, but can't help feeling sad.

I was sure before that i will not be emotional this sunday, but now, i have my doubts. I hate parting. I hate leaving my family behind. I hate having to leave my loved one behind.

But i need to do this. I need to go get my postgraduate degree. I need to cherish all the time i have in Manchester (and in UK). I need to mingle around, experience as much of UK as i can and bring it back to Malaysia.


Coz this is my journey.

A journey of a thousand steps.


julie said...

tapai, takde gambar anak ceng ker?? along ker..

Anonymous said...

erm...biler ko nak settlekan urusan urusan aroma nih?????

aroma yang tinggal ro jer skarang...

kiyaa said...

i am fine nyu in romania. have a safe trip, bring thick clothes, u know how u tak tahan sejuk. i updated blog already. kirim salam umi papa kakak yea. btw i tried sms-ing you tapi takde reply... ;_;

Timmy said...

yo dude!!
dah sampai sana ek?
so wish you all the best la kat sana..
Take a gud care of urself..
amik gambar lawa2 ekk.. Nanti bley curi..

Note: don't forget my wedding.. hoping boleh datang. Nanti anta kad ekk..

myjulieyana said...

pai.. sorry tak dpt hantar.. jalan jam gile dr seremban sampai bangi.. so tak sempat nak catch up wif your plane.. we shall miss ur absence.. take care.. kalau pegi soton blehla jumpe adek aku kat sane.. dah connect internet nanti rajin2la blogging kay?

Anonymous said...

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