Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prayer times

Wah.. i feel very disoriented.. after resetting daylight savings, now the current prayer times are :

Fajr/Subuh : 5:06 am
Sunrise : 7:01 am
Dhuhr : 11:53 am
Asr : 2:13 pm
Maghrib : 4:43 pm
Isha : 6:34 pm

waaaahh... now i can feel the winter creeping in. :)

What is Daylight Savings?, you may ask. Here is information from wikipedia ;

Daylight saving time (DST), also known as summer time, is a widely used system of adjusting the official local time forward, usually by one hour from its official standard time, for the spring, summer, and early autumn periods.

The term Daylight savings time, although commonly used, is technically incorrect.

DST is most commonly used in temperate regions, due to the considerable variation in the amount of daylight versus darkness across the seasons in those regions.

Governments often tout it as an energy conservation measure, on the grounds that it allows more effective use of natural sunlight resource in summer time. Since there is less darkness in the "waking day", there is less use of electric lights. Some opponents reject this argument (see below, Criticism).

Europeans commonly refer to the system as summer time: Irish Summer Time, British Summer Time, and European Summer Time. This is reflected in the time zones names as well, e.g., Central European Time (CET) becomes Central European Summer Time (CEST).

The word "summer" in this context includes most of spring after the spring equinox and a large part of autumn. Likewise, the word "winter" here includes part of autumn and a few weeks in spring. This varies by time zone, of course, and can change over time as well.


You don't get daylight savings in Malaysia.. uuh... time-disorientation!

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