Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Second week of School

It's starting to get cold here and it is nearing end of autumn. Leaves are starting to turn yellow. I don't really mind the cold weather, but most people just can't stand it when there is a breeze passing through. Yesterday, it was so cold, that my brain froze on the way to campus. It took me some time to un-freeze it and to get it running by the time class starts.

Confession : I peed more than 7 times today. Ahaha.

Anywhoooo... things are getting more and more hectic. Getting more more background reading to do with more and more preparation to do. Having to learn Java programming Language from scratch it self has occupied lots of my time. Yesterday we learnt how to write a code on how to program a socket on a process on a client/server machine to send via udp/tcp transmission methods. Interesting huh..

And get this, for our assignment, we need to develop a java-based web application on the internet. This proves a big task for me since i'm not familiar at all with Programming Languages.The nearest i learnt would be C language, but that is far from being an Object oriented programming language. (Even that, Knowledge on C programming was flushed down the drain 4 years ago, if any).

This are the times that we miss Farul. Don't get me wrong, we also miss him at other times but when it comes to Programming, we all just turn to Farul. :).

Now, Farul would be thinking : 'Other times? what about the time u guys left me behind in USJ after jamming this one night, and many other times'.

Haha. On behalf of others, i apologize. Ahaha. Ok enough sucking up. :P

Alrighty, need to get back to sleep, it' 630 in the morning and i haven't slept since 4 am. Need to get some sleep before going to campus today. Am going to sign up for Spanish class.

Muchos Gracias (the only word for now, more later)


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