Friday, February 16, 2007

MALAYSIAN NIGHT 2007 : Audition for Actor/Actresses

Hello everyone,
Just to remind everyone that we will be holding an audition tomorrow in our search for actors and actresses for our Malaysian Night play.

Venue: Room 3, Student Union
Date: 16th February 2007 (This Friday)
Time: 3pm-7pm

The gist of the play:
Set in a time, not so long ago, this story tells of three friends who come from utterly different backgrounds, and yet are united with an unbreakable bond forged from the moment they were born. Like any 15 year-olds, Zak, Suet Ray, and Shar thought that they had the world under their feet, but unbeknownst to their innocent minds, a night at a haunted shack changes Zak's life forever...
This is a story about belonging, friendship, and self-identity.

The Characters

A good-natured Malay boy who is filial to his mum and has a passion for Mother Nature, but plagued by a cumbersome ideal that he has to put the state of poverty he and his mum are in to an end. And when he stumbles upon this haunted shack, he is changed and no one sees him again after that night... 5 years later, Zak returns to the village, rich and powerful, but evidently, has forgotten his roots...

Suet Ray
: An innocent and kind-hearted girl from a wealthy Chinese family. She was born with a lisp and was especially cheeky when she was young, but when she is all grown up, she overcomes her lisp, blossoms into a beautiful lady and yet, so unaware of her intoxicating features. She has missed Zak in those 5 years, and when she sees him again as a totally different person, she is pained and saddened...

: Flirtatious Indian, even when he was a young boy. Very particular about his hair and complexion, mischievous, a comic relief for his other two more serious counterparts. Loves to go to the disco, typically falls for a girl during a dance party...

Suet Ray's and Shar's mums

Zak's mum: Speaks Malay, easily contented, patient, forgiving, and makes Nasi Lemak for a living.

Suet Ray's dad: kind, humorous and a worldly man who has travelled around the world for business.

Ka Ming: Suet Ray's love interest; was a young boy hand-picked by Suet Ray's dad to become his protege. As a result, he has been travelling around the world with her dad. He received a largely Western education, so he displays some awkwardness when it comes to local/Chinese culture.

Karina: Shar's love interest; used to be a buck-toothed girl bullied by the boys but has turned into a beautiful swan. As a result of those horrid years of being looked down upon, she has developed a steely front, although it encourages the guys on to pursue her more than deter them. (This character requires no dialogue, but please be informed that she will be dancing)

Siti: Zak's love interest. When Zak was young, he used to leave trinkets outside Siti's place; a self-assured woman later on, who plays a role in persuading Zak to repent on his deeds...

Mr. Robinson: An Englishman in Malaysia! Complacent, fun-loving. Loves hanging out with the hot chicks and basically is Zak's co-worker/partner when he eventually comes back to the village.

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