Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aviemore Ski Trip & Dublin

Ski Trip

I know.. i know.. this was 2 weeks ago, but i feel like updating you peeps on this ski trip again anyways. It was a trip organized by Kelab UMNO Birmingham, joined by Kelab UMNO Salford & Manchester and Kelab UMNO Edinburgh. It was a 3 day trip and we stayed in a youth hostel. Didn't get much chance to take photographs because everybody was busy falling down. Heheh.


I als0 promised you guys that i'd update on the Dublin experience in which i worked for a freight company that ships students' stuffs back to Malaysia. It was a load of fun! And by load.. i DO mean LOAD.. huhu.. Medic students especially, have very thick books.. and as intelligent as they seem to be, some of them lacks the capacity to empathize with the people that is going to pick up their boxes on to the van and ultimately the container. Some of them put ALL the heavy hardcover books in one box, and never thought of distributing the weight in 2 or 2 boxes. Oh well.. on the bright side, i loss a few KGs that weekend.. and i think now i have a bit of muscles in me arms.. :P

Titanic? huhuhu
Dublin.. here i come! (on the freight cruise ship from Liverpool to Dublin)It wasn't me!.. ahahhaLoads of boxes!Satisfaction!
The Medic StudentsCity CentreMarket in the middle of the city
House in Dublin.. huhu.. Nice weyh!

Okides... that's about it! I'll update on my second Road trip around UK in a bit. Just came back from a trip that covered 7 cities : Birmingham-Coventry-Cambridge-Leceister-Derby County- SHeffield-Leeds.

Have to make sure entries are scattered and there is at leats one post per day so that my assignment diary is more interesting. (Yes, i have to keep track of what i do in the blog daily).



Anonymous said...

UMNO ? WTF happen?

afidalina said...

cool mr popeye!

Euphoria said...

Nice trip lah.

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