Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Assignment

My Assignment is to have a blog!

The coursework statement basically is to create and track the usage of a personal webspace. i.e: friendster/blogspot/windows live space etc. and make a study on how effective is the character representation on the personal webspace!

At first i thought that.. what the hell? Blog? Haih.. to come here all this way just to learn how to create a blog?!... ridiculous! Haha.. But i found out that there is more to it than just a blog. Creating and tracking the personal webspace is just the first part of the coursework which will take 3 weeks. I will need to keep a diary of what i do in this blog. i.e: how much time spent per day, what do i normally do, do i receive comments. etc.

The next step will be the actual study. The study is actually to be implemented in companies who practices off shoring, which means that they expand their business abroad have staffs all over the world who work together but never actually met. One of the importance is that staff who deals with each other are more comfortable dealing with somebody that they know, or maybe know something about (i.e: Age, Status, experience of work, etc). So that is why there is a study to see if personal webspace is a good tool to represent the character of the staff.

How do we gauge this in the coursework? Well, i will have to set up a questionnaire and ask my closest friends to answer about what they think my character is (a). Another questionnaire will be given out to people who have not met me and have only 'seen' me in the virtual space(b). And then, we will compare the 2 questionnaires and see if the answers in b is near to a. Kewl huh?

I know that there are lots of variables and limitations of this study. For example, personal representation on a blog is actually from my own point of view of who i am and definitely it could be a bit biased. This means that i only put in my blog might be my own misconception of myself and therefore definitely misrepresents my own character.

Anyhooo... i think this should be fun. I love this course! Haha.


melor said...


kewl nyer..kalo gito i'll definitely will signup for this course if MMU offer...ahahaha! it remind me of my brother in law's wish..."kan bagus kalau tido n bermalasan pon masuk dlm credit hour" :p haha u wish!!

Emi-Eliza said...

Emi's here... mind if I drop some comments?

If you surf successful companies such as Accenture you can find their employees blogs... or maybe short description of their personal details... kinda interesting since it gave me a glimpse of what is working in that company like...

You know in Japan, Japanese people are passionate bloggers... they made fortunes by blogging about simple stuff such as the daily lives of their cats and dogs or even growing a plant... crazy huh... some even published their blogs into books... Corporates advertise their company thru employees' blogs.