Saturday, June 30, 2007


Somebody told me that my blog is getting more and more impersonal, with all these random videos and other stuff. (Though i really beg to differ). However, after thinking about it, maybe that comment has some truth in it. Have not been updating on things that i have been up to. So here goes:

Dissertation.. Dissertation.. Dissertation!
Well, a few things are happening at the moment. I am currently doing my dissertation project, which requires me to learn visual C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, Internet Information Services 6.0 and few other neat stuff. Things were moving slow at first, but i found a website which contains video tutorials on how to use Visual Studio.NET. After viewing most of the videos, i am now more confident about the project. The thing with Microsoft tools is that it is so powerful that if you try to learn everything before you start your project, you will never get to starting. Trick is to find the features that is related to your project and build on that.

Family Reunion!
My sister Nini is arriving next week. Might spend a weekend in London before coming back up to Manchester. Going to have so much fun, while waiting for Elin, Umi & Papa to arrive on the 19th of July. Can't wait! Truth be told, i am a wee bit homesick and since the weather is so grim here in Manchester, it is easy to get depressed. That is why i have been working out (Thanks to Din). At least i need someting to distract me from this autumn-like weather.

*Note: Dini, by the time you arrive, both of us will have at least 6 packs. Hahah. And owh.. then u and Din can show me Salsa dance moves. Elin told me you guys dance like you own the floor!

Cultural Show
Am also contemplating to perform a demo of Silat Cekak in a cultural show in Nottingham. There is this Malaysian-owned performing arts company in Nottingham (Notts) called Nusantara and they have shows regularly in front of local audience. This should be fun. I will be auditioning tentatively next week. Spoke to Abg Amin (Penyelia MMU) about this and he is supportive of this idea. Might even take a video of the rehearsals and performance and then ask some MMU students to edit. Video editing has not been one of my strengths. MOst prolly be only 3 of us performing, but am hoping to find more Silat Cekak members here in he UK. Hey, the more, the merrier, right?

Bicara Tokoh2 : Agriculture
Oh, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin is giving a talk tomorrow in Birmingham about agriculture oppoturnities in the RMK-9. Am going with 12 other friends to check out what he has to say. One of my friends actually want to open up a business in poultry. This should be beneficial. Hey, maybe i'd open up one ranch myself. Hehe.

KUSMA AGM : Step down
I've kept this quite hush hush (esp. from friends back in Malaysia), but i have been involved in Kelab UMNO Salford & Manchester (KUSMA) for quite some time now as Acting Vice President and Education Exco. Just can't keep myself cooped up in a room and do only studying. My hands and my whole body would start to itch! Haha. Anyways, the I've already stepped down during the AGM to make way for Effi (VP) and Ezlin(Education Exco).

Met lots of interesting people during my service in KUSMA. Am very proud to have worked with you guys. Anyways, good luck to the new committee lineup! (Yes, you can call me Tun Tuan Faisal now.. hehe)

Ok ok.. better end now before i overflow u guys with too much information. Will definitely update more..... Ta!

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