Friday, June 08, 2007

MPP Visit

A few Malaysian Student Representative Council came over to Manchester for a visit to meet the Malaysian Student Leaders here. SO as usual, we brought them to see the old Trafford stadium. This time, i got the chance to follow them in.. yeay!

Auntie Azima and me in Old Trafford Stadium, tour., at the players bench near the pitch.

This is the famous corner, Solskjaer's, Rooney's and Ronaldo's spot (used to be Beckham's and Eric Cantona's corner as well)

Sir Alex's spot in the locker room!

Liverpool Fan in United Stadium.. hahaha..Look's Familiar? BBC interview spot

Dodoe, Nonie, Meself, Alif, Syed Hostaz, & Feedo at Platt Fields for picnic w the student leaders
Nasi lemak ayam tepi jalan.. yummie. Bas rosak punya pasal.
Vince, Wan, Nonie, Effi and Me.. tukang gelak sebab bas depa rosak.. hehe

To the MPPs. hope to see you guys again! hope that it was a fruitful visit! See you guys back in Malaysia!

ps. : Ayil.. panas dak? panas dak?

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