Friday, June 15, 2007

Alton Towers

Went to alton towers with a few friends. Hesitated to go at first, but everything is paid for (very early birthday gift).. so what the hell! (Thanx belanja!).

Now i know why it was soo heavy!
This is while all the guys were playing golf. Smart eyh?

Lencoonnn.. after Ripsaw. I wonder if people get on this ride during winter.. Brr!!

The affect of queuing (betul ke word nieh?) too long
Friends la konon.. ceh.. org belakang tak dengar arahan!
Oblivion!Chuak beb! (somebody actually baca doa makan before jatuh.. hahhaaa. punya la chuak..)

Hostaz and I.. ready to party!
Nemesis - Ride yg best gile.. keluar keluar.. badan rasa ringan and nak melayang.. huhu

Had real good thrill and fun! Would definitely go again.. but definitely on weekdays..kan Peja? Baru dapat mengucap banyak sikit.. kasik insaf setan ni semua.. haha!

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