Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ada org tanya, apa wish untuk tahun ni? well, All i wish is [keberkatan ilmu, kesihatan, rezeki dan semoga selamat seluruh keturunan dunia dan akhirat]. Amin.

I say yeah!

Owh, I received my Masters result (sans DIssertation Project - due September) yesterday. From the looks of things, alhamdulillah, i am able to get an M. Sc with Merit. If i work harder and lucky enough, might even be able to push the marks to a Distinction. Anyways.. wish me luck k guys?

Things are a bit quiet here in Manchester. Since Manchester is a student-infested city, the scene is more quiet now, a result of students going back to their respective countries. Most of the people who are left here are postgraduate students, final year (just graduated-waiting for convo) or working people. Some 2nd & third year students also stayed back, but not for long, i guess.

Ah.. so now i can concentrate on my project. No more "Alaa.. ni last dah kita lepak Faisal.. lepas ni dah tak jumpe lagi dah" shit that i can never get out off. (Although i know for a fact that i will be seeing them again after summer holidays). However this concentration towards my dissertation project is challenged by the existence of SKY TV and also Damn this fast internet. Hope i dont get stuck in any more TV series. HUhuu..

Well.. no excuses.. Faisal.. Nak buat cara nak.. Tak nak buat cara tanak... Jangan sampai ckp kalau. :)


p.s: Can anybody try translating the sentence in bracket [ ] above to english?