Sunday, December 11, 2005

Watching Muvi

Me feel like watching movie,
Me feel like going to the cinema,

First thing first,
Where should i go?
SHould it be One Utama? (is sound system important?)
SHould it be Pyramid? (Macam jam jek hari sabtu ni?)
Should it be MId Valley? (Confirm jamm nak mampus!)
Or KLCC? (Sapa nak hantar pi LRT?)
Or summit? (Tempat tak kewl)
OK, Pyramid la kot.. at least dekat, petang boleh main basketball.

What muvies are there to watch?
There's Aeon Flux( Cam ok),
There's Harry Porter (Dah tengok),
There's Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (Never!),
There's Chronicle's of Narnia (Cam best)
There's Kong (Cam lagi best..)
And There's Zathura.. (DOn't feel like watcihng Jumanji all over again)
OK, it's a tie between Chronicle's of Narnia and Kong.
Decide when i get there.

WHat time is the show?
Alamak, KOng starts showing on the 13th.. so i guess Kong is out
Chronicle's of Narnia.. 2:20, 3:05, 5:10, 5:55..
Kol 3:05 sempat ke?
Slambe badak ah.

Eyh.. what's this? hujan?
eyh.. Best gile tidor... damn..
Layan That 70's Show on VCD best gak nie..

And then go to sleep.

There goes the movies...

Damn Nini for burning That 70s SHow.. now i'm addicted..


p/s: Ceng Baru bukak Blog! tengok weyh!

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