Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Macam Macam Ada

Me, Iqbal , And Ain (Tuk Guru Gitar)
Macam-macam ada - The Gang
Above are 2 pics. I like la the wig. Tambah dengan Spek Hitam.. Ngancam weyh! ada lagi gambar, but don't feel like posting about malam kesenian TM. Furthermore, the network is f88cking slow and i have to wait for 5 f99kin7 minutes to upload 1 pic.
Yes, i'm irritated.
Have you guys ever been with somebody who you just can't stand? for some people i could be somebody who talks too loud, insensitive, and only thinks that he/she is the one who is rite. That is just the tip of the iceberg.
No, it's not u Rodek.. but u nearly reached the mark haha..
No, it's not anybody any of us know well. It's just a general remark.
I wonder what are these people thinking of when they shout at people telling others how they are stupid. Herm, are they thinking in the first place? Must be emotionally crippled as well.
I pity them. They must have problems at home, or sumthing. But i guess what goes around comes around. They must have done sumthing wrong to be in that position.
Being annoying is ok if you produce results.. but if not.. then you should just shut the yap up.
It's just that when these people are not around. everything is serene, and going according to plan. But in their presence, the uneasy aura will set a disastrous environment that spoils everybody's mood.
What can we do about it other than kutuk in the blog? well.. Doa would suffice. Like a friend told me, You can't really change people. It is gods job. You can just doa for the best.
"Tak perlu buat baik. Cukup untuk jadi baik."
"Buat Baik berpada-pada. Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali."
Pikir-pikirkan la.


redza minhat said...

if you think someone is annoying, you should just tell them off. instead of blogging about it.

conforming is boring tapai.

rumet said...

besar sial hidung rodek!

m|ss v|xen said...

i think u're going through guys PMS.. and they said guys PMS is a lot worse than gurls!

ya laaa. ur nose big laa rodek

no name said...

Looks like office's related matters,rite?