Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Journey of the Morning

I woke up one morning. Opened my eyes, stretched to the left, stretched to the right. Sitting position on the bed. Stretched some more.

Looked at the clock. ALready 6:45 am.
Stood up. Thought : What am I gonna do today? Rite, work..
While thinking, phase out to another world. Imagined the day's scheduled in head. From going to the office until i get back home at night.

Woke up from daydream. Looked at the mirror. Pick up towel. Undress. Walk straight to the bathroom. Pick up toothbrush. Brush teeth. Gargled Listerine. Wash face with face cream. Turned around. Walk towards the shower. Put away towel. Apply shampoo on hair. Apply bodywash.

Dried self up. Apply teeth whitener. Done.

Walk towards cupboard. Put on boxers and pants. Fingered through selection of work shirts. Checked for Shirt-wrinkles. House Helper ironed all he shirts the day before. Put on powder. Sprayed Cologne. Put on shirt. Tighten belt.

One last look at the mirror. Take socks from drawer. Put laptop on shoulder. Ready to go.

Suddenly i realized, i was still in bed. In the Sitting position.
Look at the clock : 8:30 a.m.



m|ss v|xen said...

thanks pai for the most detailed now-u-know-how-tapai-mandi-and-dress-up for idiots.. honestly when reading what you wrote makes me visualise everything and it is so much more disturbing than your mummylookalike post..
pleasee paiii.. dont doo thissssssssssss

ragsy937 said...

ahaha.. kasik ceria sket.. muhahaha
Kalau ko buleyh visualize, means good writing la nieh.. wuuhuuu

fadh said...

hahahahahahahahahhahaha!!! that is SOOOOOO youuuuuu~~~~ nak kejut punya la susah... @_@

nini kunkuuunn~ said...

wahahahahhahahah XDXDXD chumel.