Thursday, December 15, 2005

Love of a Brother

How do you play this character? :
A spoilt brat who is spoilt by his brother because the brother gives him anything he wants since he was little. Their parents died early and his brother quit school to pay for his school fees and for food.
The conflict now is that, this spoilt brat is in love with his brother's fiancee. He goes behind his brother's back and confessed to his brother's fiancee that he loves her and to his surprise, the girl responded positively and told him that he is 'the one' and the perfect guy of her dreams.
And oh, he is kind of a player. However his current relationship is the most stable and might lead somewhere. Which one to choose : Steady girlfriend? or Brother's fiancee? Quite a tough one, ain't it?

For me, this is quite hard to imagine because i never had a brother.

Now, the challenge here is to establish the connection between the two brothers. How they are really-really close so that in the end, it will leave a bigger impact to the audience when the spoilt brat confesses to his brother of his doings.

Like En Effindi said, "it is like an artist finishing up the work of his life, something beautiful, and when it is completed, rips it a part in front of everybody".

I guess its true, when you have sumthing really special and everyone knows it, but then you just destroy that special thing, it leaves a state of shock because it is kind of not in the norm. Like Rodek said, "Conforming is boring".

Yeap, so we will have to do things which are out of the norm so that the audience won't sleep.

And we have 2 weeks to go till show day.

Good Luck to Us.


m|ss v|xen said...

another theater ke?
jom actorlympics!

ragsy937 said...

yeap.. chuak weyh, first time berlakon yang ada skrip banyak!

Anonymous said...

teater apa? bila? kat mana?

ragsy937 said...

Soluloki Sebuah Kanvas. Stor DBP, 27 - 28 DIsember 2005. 830 p.m Jangan Datang!

robotix said...

"Yeap, so we will have to do things which are out of the norm so that the audience won't sleep."

Make it a gay-incest story where in the end the brothers learn about their 'true' self, dump all the girls and become gay couple. I'm sure you can act the character superbly.


Mueya said...

Would like to see the ending.Berapa admission fee Tapai?Nak beli tiket kat mana?

redza minhat said...

and so tapai acts. trust me, bad or good it has to be good.

Farul said...

everyday tapai acts.
waking up every morning he acts.
taking a bath he acts.
at the office he acts.
while eating at the mamak stall he acts.
with friends he acts.
watching movies he acts.
sleeping he acts.
in his dreams he acts.
get my point?
"get my point" he acts.

he is a natural actor by definition. good or bad is just opinions.

HeartOfGadrieus said...

Best of luck to you...

ragsy937 said...

Admission is free. STarts at 830. Datang awal sket, takut penuh. Stor DBP tu kechik jek.

amir said...

Takde nudity ke?

Exhibitionism ke hapa ke.

Mueya said...

Okey Tapai.Thanks.Called org DBP smlm,they said that masuk aje becos u all tak update them .InsyaAllah will be seeing u performing on stage.Skrip banyak takpe..hentam aje skrip..pastu buat muka tak bersalah...orang tak tau pun what's the actual skrip.Good luck to u n those who are going to gegarkan Stor Teater DBP that nite.

Farul said...

serius ke ko nak tengok tapai nude?

Mueya said...

Huh...Nudity?There's nudity? 18SX++ ke teater nie..? :p

amir said...

First Scene:


TAPAI masuk ke dalam kedai dan membuka balang Sugus.

PEKEDAI AH BENG memerhatikannya dengan penuh khusyuk.



Masuk lagu lucah 70s...

Mueya said...

Err...hope not so 18sx++..My mum is coming too..

ragsy937 said...

bapak ah.. sx ke.. kalau kenyit mata dari jarak jauh tu sx.. yer la kot.. muahas.. weyh.. ko dtg ke otomen?

shelly said...

hoitt...good luck!!