Thursday, December 01, 2005

Malam Anugerah & Kesenian TM Selangor

Was selected to become the producer to represent O&M Selangor (Haih.. producer lagik). One of the group member decided to go crazy and took pictures.

Cam siyut kan mamat ni? Haven't receive the pics for the performance yet, i'll update later.

Senapang Kontot, a replacement for Parang Kontot in the sketch during the performance of the song Aci-aci buka Pintu.

Jambu gila

Macho Gila

Just Plain Gila.

Ahahhahah. Really enjoyed ourselves. Tell you guys more about what happened during the show when i get more pics from the group.

La. la la laaaaaa


m|ss v|xen said...

eiwhhhhhhh paiiii!
now u really convinced me that you really look like ur mommy!
and by looking at these pics.. ill never see you the same anymoree... warghhhhhh!XD

rumet said...

gay will always be gay