Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Had a meeting with one of our customer's today. Normal monthly meeting to address operational issues. It was quite a normal meeting until it came to a part that discussed performances of O&M Data Units.
With O&M Data PJ, there's no problem. Tuan Faisal has given tremendous effort to support us. I have no problem contacting him at any time, even at 3 a.m. in the morning. He has helped us a lot. - V*d* Operation Manager (customer)
For PJ area we don't have to worry because we have Tuan Faisal. We should duplicate more Tuan Faisal's around. - T* SRM AGM (superior in T*)
Lots of credits flying around during the meeting. But i could not help but acknowledge others in my unit. I told them, "you don't need to duplicate me". There are better 'me's around like Fairoz and Erly. Learnt a lot from them and forever in debt.
Guys, we all should get the credit that we deserve, though our Appraisal does not say so.
And lets not forget our staffs that are working their asses of everyday. Without them, we are nothing.


ayil kiss said...

U ass kisser!!

Bagus.. bagus.. keje telekom mmg kene kiss ass

we must all learn alot from tapai & forever be in debt!

rumet said...

apesal ko kiss ass tapai ni ayil?

ninikun said...