Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helang di Udara

Yesterday, when i got home from work, Umi and Papa were 'lepak'ing at the dining room. They were talking about stuff, and one was it was about how we are all amazed by Papa's ability to convince people to venture in his business.

"Senang je, atas udara ada Helang"

"Huh?" i said. "La.. ni lagiii" Umi remarked. Clearly they have had this conversation before.

"Tak pe la papa.. Helang kat Udara.. pas tu?"

"Dalam air ada Buaya, Dalam hutan ada singa"

"Ok". I was still trying to guess the meaning.

"Ye la, semua ada kelebihan. Kat Udara helang power, tapi power macamana pun, kalau jalan atas darat, anak rimau pun boleh baham"

"Masing-masing ada kelebihan, so guna la kelebihan"


Right, Umi and papa always have this good timing where they always come up with the answers that is lingering in my mind. More surprisingly is that i don't have to ask, it is always in between conversation or over a tv show.

At that point, i was actually thinking of why should we compare one individual to another. (Kes MAPS la ni).

I guess that is the 'hikmah' that god give to all parents.

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