Monday, May 15, 2006

Tadika Alpha

Hehe.. cari la budak yg paling cute.... Thanx Emi Eliza for this pic! nostalgic habis... Emi Eliza Elmira is 4th from the right, back row.

Oh, If you guys look carefully, for those yang kenal. Zorro/Zorlinda is oso in this pic. She is second from right, back row.

Oh.. how simple life was back then..:)


m|ss v|xen said...

im soorryy pai.. i couldnt find any cute budak in this picture as u said.. the rest looked soo chinesely (aku tau takdak ayat nih).. dunt tell me u looked chinese back then n suddenly in your teen years u changed to indon looks?
are the one second on the left? if it thats the one.. i swear u look like ur dad now!

haji ayil said...

comel la ko tapai
rase cam nak cubit je

kiyaa said...

what happened to yooooooooouuuuu T..T my brother cute no more..
cheche no la.. still kiut la.. *pinch pinchpinch*