Sunday, January 11, 2009

It happened. Again

Nice guys finish last. 

That is just so true. At this point, Mohdee would say, "Nice Guy ke?". 

Hehe. Chemistry.

So what is good chemistry u ask? Well, u just ask yourself. 

If you can just sit and talk for hours. And not feel any moment pass by.

If you can talk about the crappest things, and also the most intelligent things.

If you can be urself.

If you have inside jokes and secret signals that only the two of you know.

If you can hang out with a person for 2-3 hours straight, and then feel that you miss them 10 minutes after you part ways.

But careful though. Some times, chemistry is just chemistry. Though you catch yourself thinking that there can be more to it,  sometimes it is just best to have things the way they are.

Because sometimes that THAT, is as good as it gets.

Just be careful for what u wish for. Because if you wish for chemistry, THAT is what you get.

Nothing less? for sure. Nothing more? Maybe... or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

always aim for the sky, may if u fall atleast you had touch the clouds.

former admirer said...

but then again, if u aim for the sky, when u fall, u fall hard.

maybe that hard fall is your wake up call.

Anonymous said...

nice guy finish last??!! no lah..tak laku guy finish last..hahaha..jgn marah tapai!!