Saturday, January 24, 2009

There is another Tapai?

Was looking through KLUE website to find things to do over the weekend. Quite surprised to see a familiar name...: Tapai (Which is what my friends call me btw).

Now wait a minute....?

I was not invited to perform in a gig. And i am not a musician (or not up to standard just yet), and i don't belong to any band. (This one in particular is named G-Strings). Quite interesting. humm?

This is quite funny, coz i had just finished watching Zack and Miri (dont judge my taste of movies, it was Rodek's!), and the guy, (Zack) met anoher guy name Zack too. So they would bump into each other in school and would say to each other in the highlander-ish tone :"There can be only one!".


"There can be Only One!"

Here are the details. Check it out on the KLUE website- G-Strings are back! :

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Venue: The Apartment Downtown Train: KLCC (Putra)
Address: Lot 139, 1st Floor, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala LumpurPrice: Admission is free Contact: 03-7727 8330

Enjoy all your favorite folk tunes, retro hits, soul and blues numbers, and pop favourites all performed with an acoustic twist by the G-String boys: Vishnu, Eric, Ashiq and Tapai.

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