Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Machine

Alhamdulillah, earned meself another call back. It seems that this 2-minute monologue piece is working well for me. It was written byCollin K. Sanders.  Of course, the piece has grown since the first time i tried it out (of which i was succesfully casted).

Here goes.


The Machine (edited latest version)


Hannah, why won't you just listen to me? Can't we just talk about this? Like we used to? Do you remember back when we would just sit and talk, about whatever popped into our heads, and we never fought or argued? We used to be so happy... Whatever happened?

Something changed- I don't know if it was you, or if it was me, but something's just not the same. It's like we're... not the same. I mean, I love you, and I know you love me, but there's just something missing. It's like we're a secondhand puzzle- we used to be beautiful and fit together perfectly, but over the years some pieces have been worn down, and some just got lost along the way.

Please don't cry Hannah, not your fault. Or mine. It's just that sometimes things just don't work out like you think they will. That's life. And you know that I don't want this to end just like you don't. But I look at you, and I see that you're not happy. That's all I really want- just to see you smile, like you used to. 

..Even if that's not with me.

And who knows? Maybe all we need is a break. A chance to explore life on our own for awhile. I just want you to be happy, because that's what you deserve. If I could take away the hurt and all the bad things out of your life, I would in a heartbeat. If only this were a perfect world, maybe things would've turned out differently. 

God! I really had hoped you would pick up the phone, but maybe you'll give me a call sometime. If you call, I'll answer, and Hannah, remember that no matter how bad things may seem, no matter how many wrong turns you take, I will always be just a phone call away. 


[verse from romeo and juliet - dire straights]

A lovestruck Romeo, sings the streets a serenade,

Laying everybody low, with a love song that he made,

Found a streetlight, stepped out of the shade,

Says something like, you and me babe, how a bout it?..


I love you Hannah. Goodbye.


Felt really good each time i do this piece. Especially after saying I Love you and Good bye.

Wonder why.


Anonymous said...

nice.does the machine refer to the phone?i wonder if hannah is a techno savvy?

Tuan Faisal Azmy Tuan Kob a.k.a Tapai said...

the machine is actually an answering machine.. very old school one.. so.. can be voicemail also..:P