Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Beginning

A new beginning coz of 2006? Nope!
It's a new beginning becoz i just lost my office laptop (damn u druggies!), along with 2 years worth of hard work in it.
A bit kusut at first, since you don't really know where to start. Too much of everything to re-sort all over again. However, on the first day i arrived at the office laptop-less, a feeling of serenity overwhelmed the kusut-ness.
I get to re-start everything!
Obnoxious Other TM Staff : Hey, Where's the report that u promised to send in today?
Tapai : I lost my laptop, so i have to recollect all the data.
Obnoxious Other TM Staff : Oh.. ok..
Hehe.. best best. Bets nye dapat format Balek hidup! Yee ha!


HeartofGadrieus said...

Sorry to hear that.. huhuhuh... (*_*)

ninikunkun said...

huweh hilang laptop ke. i tot ur company nice nice give u new one. where u put ur old laptop la. @_@ hey dont discriminate druggies. XD