Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The monkey who decided to wait

A monkey was walking in the woods. Suddenly, he felt really hungry. The monkey referred to a map and continued walking until he met with a fork road, which would lead him to either a heavily guarded banana farm, or a group of banana trees. Which way? which way?

He chose the easy way : the unguarded banana trees. The place was not too far from the fork road. When he arrived, he saw that there the trees have beared fruits. Good!. The monkey started climbing the trees and picked a few bananas.

He tried to savour the bananas in hand, but he can't concentrate on eating the bananas. He felt that the bananas he has are tasteless and does not give him strength. He could not take his mind off the fruits in the heavily guarded banana farm. It should taste better! The bananas should be juicier! shapely! and should give him strength to carry on with his journey.

He decide to make way for the banana farm.

Upon arrival, he saw a 10 foot high wall, with broken glass and barbed wires all around it. He heard sounds beyond the wall. Something roaring. Must be guards on a shiny moving yellow vehicle. The monkey saw two weeks earlier how strong the vehicles could be. It could tear apart trees and also dig up tonnes of ground.

The bananas must be really,really good, since the owner must love them so much to protect the bananas with such monstrous machines, he thought.

He walked around, trying to find some way in, but the only way he found was through a door.

Somebody, someday, must open the door, he thought again. He decided to wait.

He waited, waited and waited, but the door won't open. He remembered what his grandmonkey said : "be persistent and patient, something beautiful will wait for you in the end".

He decided to take the advice and wait.

It is already now 10 years of wait. And if you visit the farm, there are no more trees in it, as the owner has already decided to turn the farm into a hotel. It is a glamorous hotel, with hundreds of statues and thousands of rooms. It actually took him 10 years to finish it. However, he decided to keep the wall with the broken glasses and barbed wire for safety reasons, since the jungle next to him might be a breeding place for lions, snakes and other predators.

How about the monkey who decided to wait for the door to open. Where is he?

Well, if you dare, climb up the north-east wall, exactly 10 feet from the wall. You can see a corpse of a monkey, holding a map.

That is what you get, when you wait for the forbidden fruit.


robotix said...

after farul referred to himself as 'jamban' years ago, there's actually ppl in this world who compared themselves to monkey..

redza minhat said...

we compare ourselves to monkeys all the time. especially when we feel monkeys are more human than us.

this entry could be read 2 ways.
on the surface. or beyond it.
i choose the first.

anyway, you had me at "grandmonkey".

rumet said...


arif mama said...

ae naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cukup aa tuh ......... cukup ...... cukup.........

marahnya akuuuuu

Farul said...

korang ni memang beruk la kerana membicarakan perihal tapai. apa la nak jadi dengan korang ni. tak senonoh betul

m|ss v|xen said...

can it be any boring than this pai?
serious ko tade life.. its just like reading fables.. or enid blytons book.. one day ill let u read those to marisa.. and plis call urself uncle tapai!

Ah Moi Ya said...

"Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.Of all the wonders that I have yet heard.It seems to me most strange that men should fear.Seeing that death,a necessary end.Will come when it will come."
:Julius Caesar to Calpurnia

I don't know the significance of this bit with your entry. But then what the heck. Tak kisahlah kan.I like this one.I dedicate this to all monkey-year-born babies..Let us all be the valiant in achieving our goals&ambition in life.

nininess said...

wah why la all ur posts so like this wannnn
i wanna know whats going onw ith you...WITH YOOUUUUU not monkeyyysssss. i want details, no ambiguity, no vagueness, no cover ups, no renames, no different wrld reenactments. i want your life and your life oniiiiii