Saturday, January 07, 2006

Choices (mostly dedicated to Nini)

Hari Raya Korban is here!.. yes.. keyword : Korban, directly translated as sacrifice (Ada ke translation lain?).
Ok, not that i'm gonna write about Hari Raya Korban and it's origin (Ustaz Cipok can cover that topic.. haha), I just suddenly felt this urge to touch about sacrifices. Or actually, i wanna talk about choices. BUt it is just so convenient to start this entry with Hari Raya Korban. Baru la relate dengan kejadian semasa. Ahaks.
(Scrubs J.D monologue in head mode)
Everyday we have to deal with choices.
There are times you have choose between 'kacau'ing ur beloved friends and become deoendent or try to survive alone and learn to be independent.
Choose between focusing 100% towards your career, or focusing on family and time for yourself
There are times you have to choose between pursuing your hobby, against pursuing your future.
Times where you have to choose between doing what you really want (though it's wrong), against what is right (but things will not go your way)
Times between choosing your happiness against doing what everybody tells you is right
Times where you have to choose between upholding ur ego, or bowing down to get what you want.
The list goes on.
Well, ultimately, life is full of choices. You just have to be strong and be responsible with the choices you have to make.
But of course, you can choose the other option, but at one time, you can only choose one.
Take ownership upon the things you have done and deal with its consequences. If you feel you don't want to, or cannot deal with the consequences, then don't do it.
I had my fair share of choices that i had to make. Some small, some big, some painful, some so-so.
What about you? What do you have to choose? what would your consequence be?
(camera focus on J.Ds face, then zooms towards a butterfly.. )
End of episode.


nini kun kunn said...

nya. dedicated to me huh.
cheh JD's face XD think scrubs meh. btw i dloaded 501 and 502. =D
inspiring post. but scary at the same time. =/ sigh. things that i know but should be constantly reminded of. thanks abang abang kun kun. >w< *hugglies wuggliness*

ragsy937 said...

burn weyhhh.... cepat cepat, bring back the cd homeeee

nurulqz said...

big mac ker??? double cheese burger..

choose wisely my gay friend!

fadh said...

heh.. at home cannot dload ke? tchih.. dunwanna come home la like this @_@

my 2 pence : anyway, i think that yeah sometimes we hafta to listen to other pple, choose what the pple may think is the right thing to do. but sometimes, just sometimes, only the individual know what the individual feels and should do.then again sometimes not.. hahahha i'm talking in circles ne?XD

in any case, it's not the end of the world until it is the end of the world. mistakes are meant to be learnt from, not to be cried over.

ahh.. enuff jiwang pseudo-philosophy... slamat hari raya hajiii~

fadh said...

and how come nini has a post dedicated to her? i dun haf a post dedicated to me?? huhu... dun sayang ur two sisters equally issssiittt

ragsy937 said...

Haiyaa.. u stable maaa... no need dedicate entry for you.. ohoho..

Ah Moi Ya said...

Choices: Work as an actuarial executive in a well establish insurance company vs work as an academician in a university.

Time given to make decision: one day

Result: Work in a university

a)short term
The amount of my pay slip being cut into 2. Comments by people around me(friends): "Bodohlah ko nie Mueya".Comment by former boss:"U r wasting my precious time.I don't want to see ur face ever again".Get to go to UK.Don't have to work until 11 pm.

b)Long term: Please ask me again this question 30 years later.

Betul..We have to be strong and be responsible with the choices we make.Good advice :-)
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to u.

ragsy937 said...

eyh? Bukan kat UK ke skarang? Ah moi yaaa

Mueya said...

Blum pi. Postpone...cos..err...sebab
1)tgh takde duit
2)have to settle lotsssssssss of work b4 going..such as..err mcm2 lah...
3)kalau bleh nak pi tgk bola bulan 6 i go bulan 5 sempat kot..(as usual..bestnyer berangan2 di siang hari)
4)have to renew visa...if not I'll be deported back and dicop as pendatang haram..U know,
rm600 now.ish,ish,ish..mana nak cari duit nie...year 2004=rm300 jer. Mcm mana they all bleh increase double dalam masa setahun nie..I blame the terrorist.Bad,bad terrorist!So, u wanna go to UK..start menabung my friend..No more snuker for u...hehehe ..(Tapai:No way!)
Tgklah Tapai mcm mana..if suddenly I dissapear into thin air..dah pi lah tu...really have to go b4 baby QZ&Rumet masuk sekolah rendah because playgym for QZ junior dah beli.Tinggal nak pi amik jer.