Wednesday, January 04, 2006

List of Things to do in 2006

In no particular order (Except for items 1,2,3 and 20)

1) Snooker
2) Snooker
3) Snooker
4) Masters in UK
5) Theatre
6) More Theatre
7) Ladang Cili
8) Mineral Water distributor
9) Will Writing and Unit Trust
10) Improve work place
11) Avoid relationships
12) Concentrate on Work
13) Widen circle of friends
14) Practice Silat
15) Urut Kaki so that i can play basket ball again
16) Meet more people
17) Pi Labuan, Indonesia, Jepun,
18) Naik Gunung Nuang
19) Get More acting jobs
20) Last but not least, Snuker

Jom snuker weyh!!!


alam said...

oit abang alam ko ni. aku bg ko duit ko g main snuker? kurang ajar... and where's my picture laa??? email ek. tgh kepingin gambar nih. g luck n have fun accomplishing your things to do list. avoid relationships? hahahahahha.. sedih gak ah. Hasta. N jgn lupe gamba. :P

robotix said...

"11) Avoid relationships"

really aa?

m|ss v|xen said...

wooww avoid relationship(s)!!
like some statement from a player! hahahahhaha
uiii.. it shud be no snukerr for u unless u completed all ur masters apps form! ure almost killing my plan of hibernating in the UK!

Juliana said...

i am interested to know further about point #11..

waduh.. masters in UK? nak oegi jugak tapi takde duit!! no one to sponsor me.. sobss..

Anonymous said...

7th & 8th Jan 2006.
Star Education Fair
Exhibition Hall 1&2
Exhibition Concourse (East)
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
Time : 11 a.m-7 pm
Probably u knew about this. Incase u don't,just want to let u know. Besides accomplishing the 4th one, u might accomplish number 13 and 16.Killing 2 birds with one stone-lah(in this case, a flock of birds pun boleh..).U also said that u wanted to berdiri di atas kaki sendiri,this is your chance.Aikss..number 11? Give up already?..This is not the trait of a phlegmatic&choleric..Come on.Make our species proud..Good luck 2 u! :-).
To Juli,...Erm..mara,jpa?If u r interested, come and join me in this academic world.The probability for you to further your studies is higher.I am sure with your results, they would be chasing after u... :-)

Ah Moi Ya said...

Hmmm...I am very interested to know more about point#7...

Juliana said...

who's the anonymous? pls let me know u.. private message to me? mara? i've tried & already got in in 2004.. unfortunately (+fortunately), i'm pregnant & can't fly at that time (already sarat!).. last year, i tried asking them again, but unfortunately they said they don't offer scholarship for overseas (postgrad) anymore.. as for JPA, they said they only sponsor for JPA staffs.. as for TM, they freeze all sponsorship to overseas (for postgrad)..

CENG O' SAM said...

Amnesia ke ko nih Tapai? Ko tinggal 345 benda lain yg KENA buat.

21. Snuker
22. Snuker
23. Snuker
363. Snuker
364. Snuker
365. Snuker

ninikunkun said...