Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A father was walking with his son to the playground. For the son, this is the his happiest day, because this is his first trip to the playground. He felt that he has gone up to another level in life.

Levels in life? There are lots of levels. Level where every body has a crush, gets a license, buys a car, gets a couple, clash, gets engaged, gets married, have children, buys a house, get a new car, buys a second car, have more children, children gets married, have grandchildren, and start reflecting on life, and then where everybody dies.

But that is just too far ahead for the boy. For him, today's level is just where everybody goes to the playground. Which is a big deal. Happy happy happy!

They arrived at the playground. The father looked around, searching for something. Yes, he found a bench. He sat down and let the son run around. He saw how happy his son was, playing with his friends. He lets him play and have fun. That is his plan : To let his son mingle around and have fun.

After quite sometime, the father decides to call his son.

"David!, come here!"

"Yes dad?", Panting..

"Dun't you wanna play with your dad?"

"Yes sure!" joyfully answered.

"See this wall? come, let me put you on top" fingers pointed at a 7 foot brick wall nearby.


"Now i want you to jump"

"Huh? what if i fall?"

"It's ok.. i'm here to catch you. trust me"

"But dad.. i'm scared"

"Dun't worry, trust me. i have something to teach you. But you have to jump"

"Ok.. here goess!!.. wheeeeeee"

Crack! Bump! Thump!. followed by OOOOwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The boy was lying down on the pavement. Hands on his ankles. Might be broken.

"You know son, the lesson is.. , never trust anyone. Not even your own dad. Remember that"

This is a story about trust.

And yes, they lived happily ever after.

The End.


robotix said...

ermm.. i'm against the moral of this story..

rumet said...


my child will never know this blog exist!!

Ah Moi Ya said...

Wuishh..kejamnyer the dad..This is child abuse....

redza minhat said...

tapai. by far this is your best blog entry. this is so twisted it makes sense. please tell me this is original.
if so, yes you've gone up another level.

m|ss v|xen said...

i will neverrrrrrrrrrrrr let u play with marisa or any other of my children in future if u gonna just let them fall.. atleast kasik laa skit cam bapak dier tangkap dier towards the end and takde laa sampai break any bones..
im against it also! no no NO!

ragsy937 said...

Well, actually, ni bapak aku cerita camne the jews teach their son. How far is this true? aku tatau. But i just figured out.. hey, best gak turn it into a story. ohohoho. Engine ku bergerak!

Farul said...

thumbs up! anyway you forgot the "never trust tapai" part of the moral

rumet said...

and to farul, dun tie your child!

nurulqz said...

i get ur point... however maybe its too harsh..

like it or not ..everybody breaks promises at some point in their life, just that nothing physical gets broken more often than not.

Linbewie said...

Moral of the story : never let tapai play with children...any children...

fadh said...

that child is scarred for life... -_- even if that's a normal practice in another race.. doesnt mean that it's applicable in our lives. yes, everyone.. keep ur children away from my brother.. i know i am gonna(future kids)... just kidding abang.