Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Choose to choose

Voice in Tapais head:

"There is no such thing as not having a choice. You will always have the choice. If you feel like there is none, it's either you are not aware of the choice, or you don't want to take the choice.

Either one, you should not grief or grumble about things that happen to you. It was your choice.

So make sure you meet enuff people, and read enuff books so that you can get sufficient information to make a choice.

Choose to choose.

Thank you Fazlina. "


Farul said...

thank you fazlina. thank you for the blowjob.

king size said...

thank you fazlina. fazlina did it great. wa lau wei.

Nyonya Mansur said...

celepap celepap celepap ... uhmm uhmmm uhmm...... celepap celepap celepap ..... hummm hummm hummm a (and after 30 minutes)

cret cret crett