Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wake up and smell the coffee la Tapai

I'm Backkk!! Things have been quite hectic lately that i have no drive to update my blog. Sorry peeps.
Lotsa things happened, especially with theater. Aroma hit it big time, thanx to the article in the Star newspaper. I've been receiving calls from all over malaysia, asking advise on "how to start theatre"... heheh.. Macam la bagus nak bagi advise.
COffee and Toast! was a success. It was very audience-friendly. Received lots of good input and reviews on the show. Though it might not be comparable to the likes of PGL, and other high budget theatres. But it served its goals. It was, as rodek would describe as affordable-intelligent theatre. As long as people can relate and enjoy, and tadek yang tidor, that should be a-ok.
Learnt a lot from that production. It was a merge between two worlds. In the papers, they always talk about "Malaysian Theatre". Bullshit. It is always the English Theatre, Malay Theatre, CHienese Theatre, and the Indian Theatre. In Coffee and Toast! case, it's the merge between English Theatre and Malay Theatre People. It is kinda hard to meet up both expectations. For example, In the Malay Theatre world, Aroma is known for its marketing. Well, if you can get more than 50% occupancy, that would be considered as good marketing. But for English Theatre people. It is CRAP. That's ith a capital C.R.A.P. I won't comment on the Chinese and the Indian Theatre world, coz i'm not exposed to that.
There lots of other things that i learnt, but let's not go there. Or else, this will be the longest blog entry in the whole wide world!
Moving ahead. Aroma is growing. This is a good sign. But things kinda changed. Expectations are higher. Commitment has to be tip top. People are looking. We were approached to restage "Coffee and Toast!" again in Actor's studio Bangsar and Penang. We were also approached by an individual, a canadian lady, saying that she wants to do monolog on human rights. Other than that, there is also "Tat Nenas", also at Actor's studio Bangsar (May), and also "Kelab Malam" in Taman Budaya (August). There is also a monolog competition in July.
Sounds good, rite?
Nope, This is where the-oh-so-pemalas-and-don't-want-commitment-tapai starts thinking," aiyah.. so hard lah.. so fuck it". I just loose interest. I do things for fun. Same like the other things i do. That might be the reason why i'm not successful in lots of other areas (e.g: relationship). Haih....
Have you ever felt that suddenly there are too many things happening that you want to just drop everything?
Voice in Tapai's Head:
"Oi.. ko ada kerja Telekom bertimbun, dengan silat lagi, pas tu teater lagi. Teater pon sume nak buat.. produce la.. presiden la.. nak berlakon la. Ni belum pikir pasal masters lagi.. itu pon belum setel. Nak cari time untuk isi borang pon payah. Oi... Wake up and smell the coffee la weyhhh.. ko tu sorang jek. Dah la bukan superman. Sumer pon nak buat. Gila ke apa, sedar la diri sket. Sume benda buat, pikir pasal org lain.. pasal yang diri sendiri kena la pikir jugak!. Mana pegi 5 yr - 10 yr plan ko dulu? Hagham dah tadek. Dengar la nasihat Otromen ngan Cipok tuuu. Dah la awek pon tadek.. harap member jek ramai.. tapi time lonely, mana sume pegi? yilekk...Baik pegi Pattaya la oi oi... Dah tadek luck tu.. cari jek mane mane pompuan kat Pattaya. Ni bukan, sibuk nak gi naik gunong.. bukan ade puteri gunung mana mana tunggu ko. Ada hati nak declare atas gunung. Oi Loser. KO tu dah bukan tapai yang dulu. Tapai dulu kire gempak la jugak. Skarang ni ape dah jadi tatau.. Asshole.. OIIIIIIII.. isk tidor plak dah budak ni.....Loser."
Arghhh... this is turning into one of Nini's entry..aahhaha.. depressing. Better stop before this gets worst.


ms.invisible said...

u're not a loser..u are the most interesting guy i know :)

take care!

rumet said...

"As long as people can relate and enjoy, and tadek yang tidor, that should be a-ok."

you were lucky i didn't go to watch laa tapai.. i would have snored like nobody's business!

tgk PGL pon aku tido.. muahahahha

+cheeps+ said...

Jgn ngengade nak carik awek kat Thailand... that's my thing

the ayil said...

tapai yg dulu gempaq???
hahahhaha (gelak guling2)

redza minhat said...

pai. wake up and smell the coffee. the world is more than just... there is more... than just... we are better than some people we know. so pai, wake up and smell the coffee!

Farul said...

nah aku dedicate this webcomic kat ko:

The 10 Commandments Of Simon

redza minhat said...

farul. wicked!

wa8 said...

been so long tak singgah blog ni. wey...y sound so depressing?? yang baca ni pun jadi depressed! what the heck...rileks la brother.. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS! (bak kata seseorang..)

alia said...

kat mana yg losernya? habag mai sat!!!

Anonymous said...

loser? are you?
don't think so..
great guy i ever know even only through email and blog..
be gud and enjoy ur life as much as u can..
wish u the happier ever than the other..

diha said...

i watched both and pretty much enjoyed 'em.just two words..thumbs up!!

"tapai jd budu?" said...

emm..abg..abg..nape le sedih benor..meh share skit ek..nothing good than feeling good..but feel bad would help if u wanna help urself..problems will always occur even whenever u r busy or tak..anyway..should be thankful dpt buat things that u like..psl yang sound depressing tu plak..try la hayati pepatah ni.."kebahgiaan xkan datang tanpa temannnya iaitu kelukaan..kita akan bahgia pabila sembuh dari luka itu..kan?kan?itu lah feel bahgia dan lega..