Saturday, March 18, 2006

Welcome to the world.

Welcome.. welcome Arianna!

Welcome to the world of joy and happiness,
Welcome to the world of sadness,
Welcome to a world of prosperity,
Welcome to a world of suffering,

Wish you lotsa love to brighten ur day,
Wish you lotsa challenges to strengthen your spirit,

Be a good child and a good friend,
Be a good muslimah,
Build a strong character,
Build a strong family,
Build a strong nation if you will,

If you find that you are alone in the dark,
Always remember your parents, coz they will always be in your heart.
Always remember that Allah will always be with you,
As long as you open your heart,
As long as you take care of your heart,
Stay away from things that can blacken your heart,
Hasad, Dengki, Riak, Takbur, Sombong, Membazir,
and Everything would be fine

From Auntie Julie's Blog,

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honour to?
Who should I pay good mind to - after Allah,And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,Who next?
Your MotherWho next?
Your MotherAnd then your Father
Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and cloth you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick, stay up all night,Holding you tight?
Thats right no other, My Mother

I know this poem sucks (if you can call it a poem),
But i wrote this as a welcome.

Welcome Arianna bt. Azril..

Welcome to the world.

The Kewl Uncle Pie


rumet said...

Thanks Uncle Pie for the cool poem. You should keep it if you wanna tackle her next 24 years. Pick up line power tu!! Sure Arianna cair punya laaa.. heheh

m|ss v|xen said...

wahhh rumett.. u better take back ur words..
the fact that ko kasik an ole guy like tapai to tackle her ahahahahahah
surely qz dah start takut and keep her away from tapai!

myjulieyana said...

tuh laa pasal.. bukan bleh cayer nih uncle pie.. buatnye dia tunggu gak lagi 24years & claim back Rumet's offering!

rumet said...

hahahha... ko tgk tu tapai... member2 ko mmg ingat ko akan single lagi 24 tahun!! isk isk.. tak patut btul laa esah n julie ni!

p/s: lepas ni kene ajar arianna .. uncle pie orang jahat! hehe

CENG O' SAM said...

Tapai kahwin lagi 24 thn lagi?

Yeaaahh rigghtt!!