Wednesday, March 29, 2006


i didn't expect the splat would happen this soon.

Which splat i'm talking about? Well, it's about us going different directions. It's ok if the splat shows towards the same direction. But have you ever seen a splat that shows to one destination?
Thought so.

Friends will be friends. But we've got to do, what we've got to do.

It feels like yesterday that we were still studying in MMU.
(Skipping classes, having fun, etc etc.)
It feels like yesterday that we graduated from MMU.
(Hoya-hoya sini sana, celebrate birthdays, badminton on weekends, futsal, lepak mamak, etc etc)
It feels like yesterday Farul and 'syaitan tapai' tried to chase a certain somebody at the Komuter station.
It feels like yesterday that Ayil, Rumet, Ceng, Farul got married.
It feels like yesterday that i received a call from Ayil saying Esah is pregnant.
It feels like yesterday that i received an sms from rumet saying Qz delivered
It feels like yesterday that Ceng told me that Along is pregnant.

It feels like yesterday that a lot of things happened.

And now suddenly, everybody will be heading towards their own direction.

And it's a bit of a shock, coz if this splat does happen, we might not be seeing each other for quite some time.
3 - 4 years?

Rumet will be working the normal working hours (if he decides to stay with current job)
Farul is already looking into a self-developed business.
Ayil will be working in shifts for at least 2 years.
Ceng will be in flight school and can only come back on weekends.
And after that, he'll be flying all around the world.

And myself, well, i'll be geographically too far to join in any impromptu teh tarik/mamak sessions.

This was discussed quite some time ago, but i didn't see it coming this early.

Well, i guess the inevitable has happened and we have to go our separate ways.

Hope the splat will gather back into a container one day.

This calls for a game of snooker. Jom weyh!!!

p/s : Esah, i agree if you and Z think this blog is too personal. I think i should rename my blog as "Tapai, Ayil, Ceng, Rumet and Farul's story - Journey of the splats". Haha.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite sometime. and the only advice i can give u is that -

"for things to change, you will have to change first"

how about it?

ragsy937 said...

yeap.. so true!

"Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka mengubah nasib mereka sendiri"

Thanx dude/dudette!

Farul said...

if it becomes too personal, u should change the name to "what's the story morning glory" laa duhh

"emm..uwaa..emmm.." said...

sounds like u love them all vry much..owh..u sounds sad..anyway,life goes on,man..u'll have to live your own life..coz evrybody got their own destination..i know u got what i mean..but do try to deeply accept and belive in it..may all your wish come true..wokey??

nini said...

mmm. wow. your blogs nowadays more and more personal. finallllly.
yea i get one of these days too when i think of my friends and where we'll go off to after this. ;_; mumumu.