Monday, July 24, 2006

Counting the days

Counting the days to start my leave. 6 days to go! But nothing is confirmed just yet. These few people from another dept decided to turn my unpaid leave application to 'pekasam' and just leave it on the table. How hard is it to get one people to sign a sheet of paper? How hard is it to decide that this staff will not be paid (hence no money from company's pocket), and his post will be filled as and when needed (hence encouragement of staff movement).

Hopefully this 6 days will not suddenly turn to 36 days. If not, someboy will get really pissed off.

Oh well, things are less hectic nowadays. And i find myself thinking more clearly than usual. Maybe it's the cause of i-don't-really-care-what-happens-anymore-so-ill-just-take-my-risk attitude. Surprisingly it brings more efficient results!

I haven't felt this productive before. Especially today. Everything sap-sap-suwey!

Maybe it's the fact that i see myself getting replaced by somebody. No one to lean for me anymore for help. No one to look up to me. I'll just mind my own business.

Hey? isn't that is what students are supposed to do? study and mind their own business! Hah! i'm morphing into a student! (not morphine.. damn u F*nas for thinking that power rangers take morphine!)

Oh well, anyways, look forward to the no money but more time and friends phase that i went through in MMU last time.

No money? yeap
More time? of coz!
More friends? herm.. i just wonder...


rumet said...
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Anonymous said...

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d said...

hey im ur junior by the way...just interested in leaving a graduating this year..sigh~ when u mention about life in mmu..u kneo what? i miss em too!eventhough its only been like 2 months jer..but i wish im still there..all the hassle the pressure and is the greatest memories

myjulieyana said...

pai.. ingat lagi tak kita study sesama pastuh tetibe decide nak lari gi melaka.. balik hostel, pack barang & blah.. ehehe.. best kan? takyah pk byk2..

and ingat lagi tak kita study ngan ayil, sampai nak muntah.. and aku muntah betul2.. study kat STAD kot.. korang berdua laa seksa aku suruh aku teman korang study.. nak dapat mood laa kunun.. haha.. siap sanguup fetch aku dari putrajaya & hantar balik lepas tuh..

pastuh bile aku drop subject yg lecturer France tuh ajar (apa dah subject? DSP ke?), semua sekali drop.. pastuh bile nak convo, semua kena query.. haha.. pastuh AD tuh marah2 sbb Dean marah dia.. ok what, drop subject pastuh ambik subject lain yg kita suka..

ingat lagi tak project The Grippers kita??? yang bola tuh jatuh sbb gravity, bukan sbb design.. dahla groupmet Muzammil & Hazri tak menyumbang.. angguk2 je bile meeting.. hehe

ainurul said...

hahaha... bestkan tapai counting the days.. kita pun tgh counting the days..

kita pun 6 hari je lagi utk cuti! yeay!!!

just make sure dont forget to come for my wedding.. bukan itu yg ditunggu jugak ker? hehe (ainurul dah mula perasan)

cepat sungguh masa berlalu.. i really hope you will get your study mate while in the UK... at least lagi bersemangat!!

ilish said...

heh, All the best over there tapai..baru dapat tahu after exploring cheng nyer blog