Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 3 & 4 : Car Boot Sale & Demam

The weather here changes quite drastically. I guess that's why my body had to go through an adjustment crisis. But it's not one of those minor fevers, it's one of those kepala-nak-pecah fever that i had to control my breathing just to make it go away. Slept through the whole day.

Went to a carboot sale earlier before my body broke down. Kewl place. You can get lots of kewl stuff at a cheap price. Crystal items as cheap as 5 pounds!. I tried to find some authentic english-y things but i could just find a mug. Also bought the small miniature houses that my boss pesan-ed from me, so that much is cleared.

Esah proposed that i go to Marks & spencer and get some set of toiletries as gifts. I'll go and have a look later.

Elin managed to get the tickets for convocation. But she can only get 2. So while they are attending the function, i might as well go to town and have a look-see around.

I double-confirm to what rodek has said in his earlier post. Something about if you earn UK pounds, the cost of living is really low. Seriously, it is. A loaf of bread would cost you less than 2 pounds. A family-sized kebab would only cost you 4.30 pounds. We had to practically stuff ourselves to finish the whole kebab. You can go a looong way with 50 pounds here. But of course, you'd have to earn UK pounds, coz if you convert into malaysian RM, you'd tend to starve urself to death. :P

Elin had just received her paycheck yesterday. Converted to RM, she makes more than I did when i started working as an engineer in TM. Much more compared when i was a temporary executive by far of course!.

Can't wait to work here.



Izamira said...

Good luck starting your new life... Hope you dreams come true ;) .

Perhaps one day, I might visit you guys there.

+cheeps+ said...

ape no tepon ko kat sane? nak kirim mende la... Ipod murah tak?

ragsy937 said...

thanx emi!.. and cipok. check yahoo ko.. aku dah letak no phone untuk ko contact