Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 2 : Manchester Town

The day started of with Elin buying us all a Magic ride ticket, which is valid for 1 week for a certain bus route. Kewl. No wonder people say public transportation in Malaysia sucks. Here, everything is efficient. Somebody should come here and bench mark he Transport system rather than Joli Katak with government's money.

Elin showed me a few buildings around Manchester university. There's an olympic sized swimming pool, a larger park, an art gallery, a gym, and lots of bars. Apparently here, Bars are equivalent to Mamaks in Malaysia.

This is main building of the University. School of business is right behind it. As i said before, the university is situated in the town vicinity, making it very accessible. We walked around for a bit. From Elin's apartment to town centre. It's not as far as i imagined it was when i came here last year. It is actually walking distance (with a bit of sore feet).

Lepaking at near the main bus station.

Muka Keletihan ..:)

There's a park right beside the station. Nice place to hang out. Lots of place to hang out in manchester actually. I have another picture of a hang out place, but mistakenly deleted it, dammit. It's called the triangle. It's a sort-of-park where they have a humongous screen with loads of sitting blocks. I can just imagine how they all got drunk there after aan England game. Winning or losing doesn't matter i guess, it is just a reason for them to get drunk.

There were stalls selling fresh farmery and also fruits. There's also a chinese food stall, but it's non-halal. Halal Chinese Food can only be found in London and Sheffield.

Nevertheless, We all enjoyed our strawberry and cream. Yummy!

I'm too tired to elaborate.. so.. till tomorrow then.. can't wait to go and see my future home.


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