Sunday, April 02, 2006

The ladder

There are 2 ways to go up the corporate ladder:

a) you bring yourself up by showing your worth
b) you bring someone/everybody else down by showing that they are worthless piece of shits and sabotage them by bad naming them in front of a senior officer.

Most people take option b), coz it's definitely much easier, and people would easily belief bad stories of people.

Which one are you?


redza minhat said...

i dont know which one i am. but i believe, its believe not belief.

tapai rules. btw.

CENG O' SAM said...

You missed one.

c) Ass kissing your way up

ragsy937 said...

oh.. ye ke.. ok ok believe,, believe

redza minhat said...

ceng you missed another.

d) ass kissing your own ass up.