Sunday, April 02, 2006

Poems, scripts... ohohoho

Don't know why, but i feel that i need to explain why all the attempts on poetry. Keyword : Attempt.
Well, i am actually in the process of reading scripts for analysis. Why? i wanna write a script. En Effindi said i need to at least read 200 scripts so that i can find the 'lenggok' that i am comfortable with. Well, to tell the truth, i am quite comfortable with the Tat Nenas/Kelab Malam/Soluloki/Schizo arrangement where u have 4 characters with issues. U play around with the 4 characters in an experimental and absurd style of performance. One of the scripts' strength is actually it time-less setting. For director's with high imagination, this is a plus point, but for spoon-fed directors, it would be hell. Other strengths? well, i'm not in a place where i can criticize the scripts just yet. So i'll just keep it to myself first and reserve for later. HOwever, i relly do think that i still need to be open for other styles by reading more scripts. Who knows, i might be able to integrate and improve.
Still not explaining why all the poetry, rite?
Well, while looking for scripts, i stumbled upon works from A Samad Said. A book full of his poem. And it was very inspiring. It is a newly published book entitled: "Siri Khazanah Sastera Melayu : Mandala Sukma". Suddenly all this ides popped into my head and i could not stop writing. (Or attempt to write). And i felt this rush. The rush that i felt long ago when i first started theatre. I can't really explain what the feeling is, but it's kind of a mixture of satisfaction and non-satisfaction.
Satisfied because because what i did was mine. Unsatisfied because it is so amateur-like and far from perfection.
What ever.
Oh well, I don't really think i owe anybody any explanation, nor i should stop writing poems, but i guess this is the looking-for-acceptance part of me talking. Haha.
I better finish up the book fast. Need to read scripts so that i can write scripts pulak.
Now.. where do we start.... Haih....

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You don't owe an explanation. That's right.