Saturday, April 15, 2006

A typical Saturday

Woke up late today. Sorry la cipok, Mizie, Beny.. I overslept. Sebenarnya dah bangun dah, tapi biasa la.. hujan hujan ni, tarik selimut mahsyuk bebb... Tapi akibatnya, bangun kol 1030 tu terus weng.. blank skit kepala.. huks.. And I was late because somebody i did not know messaged me on Yahoo. Being a curious person, i just had to 'layan' and ask for identity. That took 20 minutes.
And oh, i managed to get Mama a job for my neighbour's wedding. (Comission mama!!!)
Excusess.. excuses.... heheh.
Anyhow.. Berjaya baiki CD/Mp3 player baru dalam kereta yg shorting. Yes, I actually bought something on my own, with my own money.. haha! I installed the new CD player a couple of weeks ago but somehow it did not function well. It is always on "protect" mode, which indicates there is a short somewhere. The mechanics checked, and lucky me, it was not the car. (Re-wiring the car would cost a fortune!). Found out the mechanic that installed the player earlier connected a wrong wire.
The "Tauke" was a very smart person. Sensing that i am irritated from having to reset the player 1000 times a day (exagaration), he offered me Teh Tarik. Hehe.. Damn cheap.. but oh well, as long as he tried to make up for it. It's not that big a deal anyway.
After that. i decided to visit QZ's place. Yes.. Memang the Datuk (Dato'?) QZ. Ala..QZ.. not the Nurul QZ house, but the QZ's residence in Cheras. There's a new entrance (well, new for me, at least). Coming from Mines towards Balakong, there's a Bandar Tun Hussein Onn signboard. The house is not that far from there.
Datuk/Dato' QZ was lazying on his lazy chair, watching a Punjabi movie. Had a chance to borak about Punjabi culture ( ke religion)?. Dapat la some new information on how the religion was initiated in India because they wanted to unite the HIndus and the Muslims. I realized that the Sikh Temple looks similar to the Mosque. Interesting...
But the main reason was to see Arianna. She has grown a bit, but not as big as Marissa when she was her age. I remembered seeing Marissa more "Michelin"-ee. Well, we'll see arianna. Anyways, she was comfortable in her Uncle Pie's arms. Much to my relief because i was starting to believe that i have this "thing" following me. Babies and Small Children supposedly can see this "thing", causing them to cry. Since Arianna didn't cry, i guess the "thing" has gone away.
We were watching Deuce Bigolow : European Gigolo when Rumet's parents arrived. (Rumet yg pilih keyy.. don't start!, lagi pon Ayil's DVD was broken, so i was only able to watch half way) Rumet's mom is going to sydney later today and she wanted to have a look at her first grand daughter. Arianna was really, really comfortable in Uncle Zul Mukhshar's hands that she fell asleep straight away!. Ilmu apakah ini!.
To end the day, we just could not resist a game of snooker. Ayil was available. Ceng, However, was to tired and his excuse was that he has fever. (What ever). We played 3 games and ayil won as usual. I suck, as usual. Heheh.. but a bit of improvement though.. no more negative points!
Later, i will be attending a friend's tahlil. (Sorry ayil, can't attend ur mom's usrah). It's a 40th day thing. I'm not sure why 40th day is special, but i'll attend anyway, just to show respect.
And after that, CIpok is planning to ask Ultraman and Rodek for a teh tarik session in Bangsar.
Wah.. suddenly i feel that i have done a lot today. And that is just one day in my life.
How many lives have i touched/enlightened today?... who knows.


robotix said...

i tot since u selalu went to the ibu pejabat u should already know about the 40th day thingy.. heh.

Pawana Malam.. said...

ibu pejabat?keramat ker maksud robotix tu..?emm..i wonder la,wak tapai..

Anonymous said...

thank u thank u thank u !!!.....duit ko dah masuk tau !!!